October is National Pet Wellness Month

We all want our animal companions to live long, healthy lives, and that's why October is National Pet Wellness Month. During the month of October, set aside some time to evaluate your pet's health and...

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Flea & Tick Prevention: 5 Tips This Fall

The summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean fleas and ticks no longer pose a problem for your beloved pets. September still offers plenty of warm days and opportunities for these little critters...

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Summer Heat and Happy Pets

While we are all enjoying the summer sun and the activities that come with it, we may sometimes forget about our furry friends' reaction to the heat. Heat exhaustion can occur in any hot or humid space, even...

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A Safe and Fun 4th with your Furry Friends

It's the big event of the summer--the 4th of July! And with it comes picnics, outings, and gatherings with family and friends. Of course, most of us don't want to leave out our four-legged family members from the celebratory fun!

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National Adopt-A-Cat Month Happening Meow!

The old saying goes that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and they haven't forgotten it. These regal creatures are elegant one moment and silly little clowns the next. They capture our hearts with their soft purrs, head bonks, and slow blinks. To have a cat is to truly like having a little lion living in your home.

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5 Tips For Dealing With Bullies

Aaah, a trip to the dog park. Sounds fun, right? But what if there is an ill-mannered dog who bullies and their human pack-member is clueless? Here's how to handle tricky canine social situations like a pro.

  1. No Bad Dogs: First of all, there are no bad dogs, just clueless human handlers. As soon as you recognize the signs that your own dog is uncomfortable (no tail wags or play bows), step in. With a firm "No" directed at the bully, along with a motion indicating it should move off, you communicate that your dog is off limits. Lead your own dog away in a calm, controlled manner.
  1. Identify Responsibility: Locate the owner of the bully and inform them that your dog is not interested in playing with their dog. Be polite, explaining that you would appreciate cooperation in re-directing their dog away from yours. But don't expect much. Understand that bully-dogs are often shaped by their human. It is still important, however, that they be made aware of their dog's unacceptable behavior.
  1. Monitor: Remain close to your pet and monitor any interest by the bully-dog. Ward off any approach before it comes too near. Guide your own dog toward other companions that are more agreeable. Sometimes simply breaking the line-of-sight between a bully-dog and the source of interest is all it takes.
  1. Breaking Things Up: If bullying turns full-scale scuffle, of course you want to intervene. To break things up without getting bit there are options. Try dousing involved parties with water or a loud noise distraction, like a training whistle.
  1. Rewards: Referring back to number 1, the "no bad dogs" rule, brings us to the final solution. Rewarding good behavior. When the bully-dog backs down and minds its own business, offer a treat. In other words, convert the bully to a friend.

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Could Your Pets Suffer From SAD?

Humans and dogs share similar brain chemistry, according to science. With this being said, one study shows that one in three pet-owners believe..

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The Pros and Cons of Doggy Daycare

Just because you work long hours doesn't mean you can't be a pet parent. Many people think leaving their pet home alone isn't fair. While that may be true, that's a reason doggy daycares exis

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What to Consider When Buying Dog Food

There are so many different types of dog food, sometimes it is difficult to know which one is best for your dog. There are many things to consider when picking out the perfect food for your pet. 

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4 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Shelter Dog

Puppies are undeniably adorable, so it's no surprise that they're generally the first in line to go to their forever homes when potential families come to a shelter in search of their new pet. However, it's far too often the case that the older crowd of dogs are overlooked and left to sit and wait because people assume that they're either there for a reason, or they're just too old and have nothing to offer.

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