Doggie Daycare


Do you feel bad leaving your dog home alone while you work or run errands?
Do you skip the beach on a nice day or brunch on the weekends because you don't want to leave your dog home on your day off?
Do you worry your dog is not getting the exercise he or she needs?
Is your dog destructive or bored when home alone?

Dog & Pooch Offers a full day of supervised play for only $35.00! Can't commit to a full day? Half Day Rates are offered as well!

After your dog's day at D&P, you will have a tired, well socialized and relaxed pooch. Your dog needs it and you deserve it! Best part is, you can check in on your pooch at any time with our state of the art live cams! Simply go to our website and see your baby having the time of its life with its new friends and our loving staff. Be productive knowing your pooch is well taken care of. Let us help you.

  • Dogs of all ages (2 months and older), breeds, and sizes are welcome.
  • We have loads of room for running and playin with fully rubberized flooring.
  • There is a lounge area with comfy beds to nap or rest.
  • 24/7 supervision by professional dog loving adult experts
  • Endless Potty Breaks with our Premium Pottys
  • Full Wall Projector Screen with daily Dog TV !
  • And much more
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24 Hour Employee Care!

doggie daycare

All the policies at Dog & Pooch have been set solely for your dogs in mind.

  • Dogs and puppies are accepted based on a FREE temperament evaluation (first day) results.
  • Your dog(s) must be 2 months or older.
  • Proof of Vaccination for dogs over 4 months is required. All dogs must be up to date with Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations must be provided up to 24 hours before the time of your dogs play. Dogs must be in good health at the time of drop off. For the safety of the other dogs and staff, Dog & Pooch has the right to turn away any dog that may appear injured or sick at the time of drop off.
  • Your dog(s) must be social and non-aggressive.
  • Dog & Pooch reserves the right to turn away any dog unsuitable for this environment.
  • Full Wall Projector Screen with daily Dog TV !
  • Images or videos of your pooch might be taken for social media or marketing material. Your signature on the policies and admittance agreement grants unrestricted use and publishing of any such images.

Wish you could stay home and play with your dog all day?
That's not always possible, but here at Dog & Pooch, that's exactly what we do!

Doggie Daycare Fee includes:

  • Supervision, Socialization, & Snuggles
  • Ample access to fresh, clean drinking water
  • Endless Potty Breaks at our sanitary Premium Pottys
  • Full Wall Projector featuring hourly Dog TV
  • Parent Access to Live Camera Feed
  • State-of-the-art air conditioning featuring air exchange systems, which cycles the facility's air every 10 minutes, to reduce contaminates and airborne illnesses.


  • Treats & Meal Time
  • Salon & Spa Treatments
  • Doggie School - Training with Gia
  • Transportation to & from your pooch's furry friends

Doggie Daycare at Dog & Pooch is a safe and convenient way to encourage your dog’s socialization and fitness. If not busy and engaged, dogs become bored which can lead to behavioral problems such as digging, chewing, and overall disobedience. Our Doggie Daycare activities will help your pooch burn off pent up energy and build socialization skills with other dogs as well as people.

Our interactive Doggie Daycare program provides the following:

  • Satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature by being around other dogs, playing and interacting with the pack
  • Gives your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs
  • Builds his/her confidence and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun place!