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Doggie Day Care is a wonderful way for friendly, sociable dogs to get interaction and exercise while you are at work or away for the day. Instead of sitting home alone, they get to play with their friends, and interact with our staff. Your dog will come home tired and happy. Exercise helps to prevent or even cure many behavior issues, such as anxiety, barking, and destructive behavior.

NO! We believe that medical decisions are up to you and your veterinarian. All friendly, sociable dogs are welcome to attend our facility. However, we do not allow females in season to attend daycare or boarding. Please ask us about in-home options instead.

We take safety and sanitation very seriously here at Dog & Pooch. We use a veterinary grade disinfectant, Rescue, throughout the day. Our entire facility is sanitized at night and as needed. We use Rescue as it is non-toxic and very safe for our pups and our staff. We also require that all dogs be fully vaccinated. We remind pooch parents when their vaccines are close to expiration, so that their pup doesn’t miss one day of fun.

Though we carefully screen all dogs before they enter our daycare, scuffles will happen. This is a normal part of dog behavior! Our staff are carefully taught how to prevent scuffles before they start, using positive reinforcement training and gentle redirection. However, in the event of a fight, we have safety boxes located around the facility. These safety boxes contain pressurized air and water devices that will quickly and humanely stop a fight.

We split dogs into groups based on temperament and size. We have different areas for different dogs! We also may welcome calmer dogs to spend the day with our receptionist behind the front desk. Our staff trainers are constantly observing and evaluating our pooches, so that they can have the most fun day possible.

While you may not go into our play-area for liability reasons, we do offer camera viewing of the facility. You can watch your pup play all day, from anywhere. Having new people come into our play area can be stressful and even scary for many of our pups. Our cameras allow you to join the fun!

Our boutique contains carefully curated products that we use for our own pets. We strive to find the most high quality, natural, safe, and unique products around. We also support local business, and you’ll find that many of our products are made in the NYC area. This includes our handmade doggie clothing!

Yes! We are happy to administer oral medication to your pooch. Please ask us for a medication form to fill out.

We understand that accidents and illnesses can happen. In the event of an emergency, our Pooch Mobile can transport your doggie to LIVS, the state of the art emergency clinic located just a few miles away.

You may drop your dog off anytime for daycare. However, we prefer that they be dropped off between 7AM and 9AM. This gives them the most time during the day to play!

You MUST pick up your dog before 7PM. We do not accommodate late pick-ups. If you are unable to pick-up your pooch on time, just let us know. They will be boarded over-night at our standard boarding fee.

You may pick-up your pooch from our facility anytime before 12PM. After 12PM, you will be charged for a full day of daycare. Many pooch parents choose to pick up later in the day, so that they bring home a tired pup!

We believe in training using positive reinforcement. Dogs want to be good! Here at Dog & Pooch, we use the latest techniques. Staff are trained by our general manager, who is a certified dog trainer, and behavior consultant. We do not use water bottles, shake cans, yelling, or choke chains/electric collars/prong collars to train the doggies here. Instead, staff works hard to build a strong positive relationship with each pet we care for. We treat your dog the way we treat our own!