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At Dog and Pooch, your vacation is your dogs vacation.

24 Hour Employee Care!

Dog & Pooch can help you!

With endless play during the day and a comfy place to lay their head, your pooch won't even realize you are gone! Your four legged best friend is our priority. Enjoy your vacation or weekend away knowing that your dog is safe, secure, and socializing. See for yourself on our state of the art Live Cams!

  • Vaccine requirements: All dogs must be up to date with Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations must be provided up to 24 hours before the time of your dogs stay. Dogs must be in good health at the time of drop off. For the safety of the other dogs and staff, Dog & Pooch has the right to turn away any dog that may appear injured or sick at the time of drop off. Although not required, D&P strongly recommends the Canine Influenza vaccination. We strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccination because research shows that while it does not prevent infection, it does reduce the severity of the disease.
  • In addition to vaccinations, all dogs should be flea and tick free. All dogs with signs of fleas and/or ticks will be treated at our Grooming Salon at the pet parent’s expense prior to check-in.
  • Reservations: Dog & Pooch believes in keeping guest totals low to ensure each dog receives proper love and attention. Reservations are required, walk-ins for overnight stays are not accepted.
  • Cancellation Policy: Dog & Pooch accepts cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. If you have a reservation and do not show up on the day of drop-off, your card on file will be charged for the night.
  • Personal Property: No personal property other than a dog collar, tags, leash, food, and medication is allowed. Dog & Pooch provides luxurious beds, blankets, and bowls for your dog’s comfort.
  • Food: Dog owners must provide meal portions in separate zip lock bags enough for the length of the stay. If your dog eats wet food, Can/Container tops must be provided. If you choose to not bring your dog's food, Dog and Pooch can provide a standard dry food at an additional cost per meal. D&P is not be responsible for any reaction your pet may have to this new diet.
  • Medication: Owners must provide detailed information on administering medication. There is a charge for administering medications (oral/topical) to your dog. Dog & Pooch has knowledgeable staff that can administer insulin shots if needed. Contact us for pricing details.
  • Images or videos of your pooch might be taken for social media or marketing material. Your signature on the policies and admittance agreement grants unrestricted use and publishing of any such images
  • Full Wall Projector Screen with daily Dog TV!
  • Outside walks Twice a Day!
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