Our Way


Our Way:

We love our dogs, and want what is best for them. We want fast results that don’t have any kind of fallout. Our training method builds up your relationship with your pooch, so that they are happy to do what you ask, whenever you ask them. Positive reinforcement training along with consistent enforced rules is the best way to achieve any goals you may have. You will have a dog who happily follows the rules.

We Combine:

  • Controlling what the dog wants
  • Giving dogs rewards for a job well dog
  • Setting boundaries
  • Enforcing rules
  • Teaching skills
  • Exercise and fun

By doing all of these things, we create a civilized companion who knows what is expected of them.

Our program revolves around teaching your dog to focus on you. A focused dog is a dog who is ready to work and listen.

Your dog isn’t stubborn, stupid, or lazy. He just needs some training. There is no reason to use harsh methods with our canine companions. There is a better way. We can help!