Why Us?


There are so many options out there for doggie care. What makes Dog & Pooch the best choice for both you and your pup?

We use Positive training methods: We are the only Dog Day Care on Long Island that uses strictly positive training methods. You won’t find spray bottles and shake-cans in our daycare. Instead, staff encourage good behavior and will train your dog throughout the day using rewards. We believe that doggies want to be good… we just need to show them how! Every member of our staff receives extensive training in dog behavior and training so that your dog can have the most fun, and safest experience possible.

We have so many options… our facility is all about pooches! We offer a curated boutique, full-service Spa and Grooming, day care, training, boarding, and more! We are truly a one-stop shop for you and your pooch. We don’t discriminate, and accept all breeds, sizes, and ages. Disabled dogs are welcome, too! Instead of concrete flooring, we have rubber matting. This is a gentle, warm, non-slip play surface that we easily clean and sanitize with our non-toxic products.

We offer 24-hour staffed care: There is always someone at Dog & Pooch, even overnight. We take safety very seriously, and in addition to our 24/hr. cameras we are always staffed. Our overnight caretaker will check on your pup, ready to respond if they need a late-night bathroom break, or a little extra attention.